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PL1-SPLaboratory Rotary Digester Introduction

PL1-00SP laboratory rotary digester can satisfy both cooking and blast pulping, the 316 L meets the material requirements of chemical pretreatment, and the external blasting chamber can complete blasting pulping.
  • Main function

    The equipment can chemically pretreat lignocellulosic raw materials according to raw material composition, chemical environment, temperature, pressure, atmosphere and other conditions.

    "Blast" pulping requires exposing lignocellulosic raw materials to high temperature and pressure, under which conditions, lignin softens and partial degradation of hemicellulose. When the pressure suddenly drops, the water vapor infiltrating into the pores of the cellulose expands rapidly, and finally produces a "blasting" effect, making the cellulose finer.

        PL1-00SP laboratory rotary digester can satisfy both cooking and blast pulping, the 316 L meets the material requirements of chemical pretreatment, and the external blasting chamber can complete blasting pulping.


    Rotary digester, Safety valve, Intake valve、pressure relief valve、blast valve、blast chamber、Heating system, Temperature and pressure control system.


    1.Rotary digester volume15 L

    2.Blast chamber volume30 L

    3.Working pressure8 Kg/cm2

    4.Rotating speed≈1 r/min

    5.Heating power4.5 KW

    6.Motor power370 W

    7. Accuracy of measuring temperature± 0.1°C

    8. Accuracy of temperature control± 3 °C

    9.Dimensions1000 mm×360 mm×1230 mm

       Package size1030 mm×510 mm×1380 mm

       Net weight135 Kg

       Gross weight165 Kg

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