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PL1-00 Laboratory Rotary Digester,

PL1-00 type electric cooking pot ( cooking ,Laboratory digester for wood) is simulated in the production of steam ball working principle design, the pot body to make circumferential motion, make slurry for well mixed, suitable for papermaking laboratory to acid or alkali Zheng cook a variety of fiber raw material, according to different requirements of the process can be expected to plant size, th
  • PL1-00 type electric cooking pot ( cooking ,Laboratory digester for wood) is simulated in the production of steam ball working principle design, the pot body to make circumferential motion, make slurry for well mixed, suitable for papermaking laboratory to acid or alkali Zheng cook a variety of fiber raw material, according to different requirements of the process can be expected to plant size, thus for the production of process of the development of cooking process provides a basis. Can also be used for other work pressure is not more than 8Kg/cm2 liquid raw materials, cooking. In addition to the cooking device can also be used for other equipment with hot steam laboratory.

    Structure and performance characteristics:

    The pot body, raw material and the liquid medicine can be fully mixed by pot rotary, liquor concentration, temperature uniformity, the pulp quality is relatively uniform. Small liquid ratio, liquid concentration is higher, shorten the cooking time.

    The pan body is made of 316L stainless steel, corrosion resistance

    Reducer motor directly drives the pot body rotation, small noise, stable operation.

    The electric control system adopts brushless electric, replacing the carbon brush in use resulting in poor contact, flint, inaccurate temperature measurement, temperature control, pressure control and other common catastrophic failure.

    The shell adopts the high quality new type of insulation material, the shell of low temperature, fast heating speed.


    1 cooking pot capacity: 15 L

    2.Working Pressure: 2 8Kg / cm2

    3.Cooking Pot Speed:  1 rpm

    4.Heating Power: 4.5KW

    5.Motor Power: 370W

    6. Precision of Temperature:± 0.1 DEG C

    7.Control Precision of The Temperature : ±3 DEG C,

    8. Dimensions: 1000mm * 360mm * 1230mm

    the highest temperature will remain below 170℃


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