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PL10-A Empat Tangki Bauer McNett Fiber Classifier

It is widely recognized that the fiber length is an essential pulp property. One of measuring method is sieving pulp slurry through wire cloth of appropriate mesh sizes. Like the tappi method, this tester classifies fibers into groups of certain lengths, weighs fibers in the respective tanks, and provides distribution of fiber lengths. It has various advantages including superior accuracy, reprodu
  • The PL10-A Empat Tangki Bauer McNett Fiber Classifier   (Bauer Fiber Classifier,Bauer Mc Nett) is the equipment used for measuring the weight-average fiber length of pulp fiber according to screening method by pulp and paper-making laboratory. This machine conforms to the screening methods stated by GB/T 2678.1-1993, TAPPI T233cm-95 , CNS 12428-1988 and the SCAN M6( 10g samples, water flow time 15min, flow rate 10L/min). It can also be used to measure the ratio of different fibers in the pulp.

    The PL10-A Fiber Classifier includes reducing motor, agitator, water tank, stander, unit switch, timer and flow meter and so on.Water tank is the main device of this machine, the agitator is used to make fibers spread in water sufficiently, do directional movement and parallelly go through screen mesh for separation. Sieving plate prevent water and fibers from rush at screen mesh vertically, and screen mesh is mainly for fiber grading.


     1.Specimen tank:5tanks ;Specimen tank:10g (O.D.)

     2.Sieve differentiator capacity:10L.

     3.The speed of the blender:(580±1)r/min .

     4.Sieve mesh:14mesh、28mesh、48mesh、100mesh .

     5.Flow velocity:0~20L/min(According to the experiment adopted standard adjustment). precision grade 0.5%R.

     6.Screening of time:0~9999min(According to the experiment adopted standard adjustment).

     7.Main material:304 Stainless steel

     8.Outer dimentsions:1780mm(long)×520mm(width)×1680mm(high).

     9.Instrument weight:130Kg.

     10.Source: continuous water .

     11.Power:240W/380V .

    Commonly Used Strainer:

    Long Fiber:10mesh,14mesh,28mesh,48mesh.

    Middle Fiber(Leaving the Plant Mesh):14mesh,28mesh,48mesh,100mesh.

    Short Fiber:28mesh,48mesh,100mesh,150(200)mesh.

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