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PL1-A2 Displacement digester system

The PL1-A2  Displacement digester,liquor circulation boiling bath tank (boiler) simulates the paper pulp test installation which in the production the vertical boiling bath tank design becomes. Uses the direct heating compulsion cyclic type boiler, the heating body carries on the direct electric heating to the pot body, the magnetic force actuation pump compulsion actuation liquor circulation, may
  • The PL1-A2  Displacement digester,liquor circulation boiling bath tank (boiler) simulates the paper pulp test installation which in the production the vertical boiling bath tank design becomes. Uses the direct heating compulsion cyclic type boiler, the heating body carries on the direct electric heating to the pot body, the magnetic force actuation pump compulsion actuation liquor circulation, may simulate in the pulping production the steam boiling process, but may also carry on the paper pulp replacement wash; Many combinations, realize the low energy consumption gap steam boiling operation, is suitable steams each kind of vegetable fiber raw material in the acid cooking or the alkaline process, is the paper mill and the scientific research courtyard institute experiment pulping equipment.

    This equipment uses the partition heating control, reserves the computer connection, may be connected with the computer, realizes the computer remote control and the data acquisition analysis. The pot body, the pot cover use the double seal, safe reliable.  

    The equipment mainly by the stainless steel rack, the pot body, the magnetic force actuation pump, warm controls the system, pressure display instrument, safety valve, parts and so on needle valve to be composed.

    This equipment selects the high quality material, the part, the core part uses the military product. Uses special technical processing to the magnetic force actuation pump, avoided the small magnetic force actuating this in the use, specially the high temperature section produced the solution circulation insufficiency, the solution did not circulate, revolving not normally, to stick the pot, the temperature out of control and so on disastrous breakdowns.  

    1.Uses the thick liquid, the fluid isolation technique, when the heating only to solution heating.

    2.The partition heating control, completes the different steam boiling craft.

    3.Reserves the RS-485 communication connection, can facilitate and the computer or the PLC continually net.

    Technical Norms:

     Digester Capacity:15 liters

     Body Diameter:φ200mm

     Safety Valve Opening Pressure:0.9MPa,

     The highest temperature will remain below 170℃

     Working Pressure:0.8MPa


     Temperature Measurement Precision:±0.1DEG C

     Temperature Control Precision: ±3 DEG 

     External Dimensions: 1250*720*1200