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PL17 Digester Cells

PL17 Digester cells  Is the PL1-00 electric heating boiling bath tank (boiler) important appendix. The shell of tank material uses the 304L anti-corrosive stainless steel to make. Puts in the PL1 boiling bath tank it, may simultaneously carry on four different technological conditions and the few raw material many kinds of ingredient steam boiling experiments. Both the enhancement work rate and sa
  • PL17 Digester cells  Is the PL1-00 electric heating boiling bath tank (boiler) important appendix. The shell of tank material uses the 304L anti-corrosive stainless steel to make. Puts in the PL1 boiling bath tank it, may simultaneously carry on four different technological conditions and the few raw material many kinds of ingredient steam boiling experiments. Both the enhancement work rate and saves the electrical energy, thus to speed up the papermaking steam boiling the scientific research experiment to provide the excellent conditions.  

    Technical parameter:

    1. Capacity: Single Capacity 1.5 liters; The aggregate capacity 4*1.5 rises

    2.Working Pressures: 8kg/cm2

    3.Experimental Hydraulic Pressure:16kg/cm2

    4.Gross Weights:16kg