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PL27 Laboratory Strainer

PL27 Type FM Vibration-Type Laboratory Straineris used to simulate the production process rinse pulp of the experiment, can accomplish the pulp bleaching front wash, after washing, bleaching pulp bleaching process. The machine features: small size, low frequency vibration frequency from sieve continuously adjusts to high frequency, disassembled, easy to operate, can according to the pulp choose di
  • PL27 Type FM Vibration-Type Laboratory Straineris used to simulate the production process rinse pulp of the experiment, can accomplish the pulp bleaching front wash, after washing, bleaching pulp bleaching process. The machine features: small size, low frequency vibration frequency from sieve continuously adjusts to high frequency, disassembled, easy to operate, can according to the pulp choose different frequencies in order to achieve the best effect for production, offer the most reliable experimental data.  

    PL27 type FM vibration-type rinsing machine is adopt speed reducer through connecting shaft driving CAM, fluctuation floor, thus make pulping vibration produced high frequency vibration, create the vacuum filter water washing to accelerate the speed, due to the high frequency vibration make pulp regiment is loose, to accelerate the speed, rinse rinse with 2Kw heaters on board. Control motor speed control range of 0-1000 R.P.M., CAM of vibration frequency for 0-3000 beats per minute. Therefore this screen plasma machines of vibration frequency is high, paste evenly dispersed.


    Screening Area:54200mm2

    Sieve Frame Size:311mmx292mm

    Sieve Specification:80mesh

    Slurry Vibration Frequency:400-3,000 times/min, manual adjustment,digital display

    Slurry Cylinder Size (long×width×high) : 320mm×270mm×300mm

    Rinse Temperature: room temperature 0 ~ 100DEG C continuous adjustable

    Pulp Concentration:4 ~ 8%

    Unique Dried Pulp:0.4~1.13 Kg

    Bleaching Front Wash Time: 5 to 15 minutes

    Fulling Time: 15 ~ 30 minutes

    Bleaching After Washing Time:15 ~ 30minutes

    Motor Power: 750W

    Heating Power: 2KW

    Motor Speed: 200 ~ 1000r/min

    Shape Dimension: 360mm×1100mm×880mm