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PL4-A Valley Beater

This machine is widely used as a standard tester per JIS and TAPPI. Unlike the conventional beater, the roll is fixed, and a constant load is applied on the head plate, thereby constantly giving a uniform beating pressure. It is excellent especially in free beating and wet beating. So it is very effective for quality management.
  • Specifications:

    This machine is widely used as a standard tester per JIS and TAPPI. Unlike the conventional beater, the roll is fixed, and a constant load is applied on the head plate, thereby constantly giving a uniform beating pressure. It is excellent especially in free beating and wet beating. So it is very effective for quality management.

    Laboratory roll is a stainless steel with a middle wall , which circulates around the mass driven movement rotating drum roll.

    Drum roll is a cylinder with a diameter of 168mm, attached horizontally to the bearing side and the medial wall of the tub. On the circumference of the knife roll 32 is located a stainless steel.

    Planck roll is a structure of 7 identical knives in a chevron shape , mounted in the lead block and fixed filled with white oak .

    Such a design prevents touch knives. Planck has a rubber diaphragm, allowing it to freely move up and down with a lever to which it is attached . Load on the lever depends on the type of the pulp and 2 kg for the mass of hardwood and 5.5 kg for the mass of conifers.

    Nominal capacity of 23 liters roll that the standard 360g fiber rigging creates a working concentration equal to 1.57 %.

    This machine satisfies ISO 5264/I, TAPPI-T200 as well as GB7980YI87 laboratory beating Valee the (Valley) beater law (Pulps-laboratory beating-Valley beater method) and so on standard requests. This type may change the heavy thallium pressure, the beating time, and automatic control beating time, thus obtains the different experimental result.

    Technical data:

    - The speed of drum rotation of 500 rev / min.

    - Drum diameter 168 mm

    - Width: 155 mm drum

    - Number of blades - 32

    - Thickness of knives - 5 mm

    - The width of the base plate 160mm

    - Number of blades support bar - 7

    - Width knives baseplate 3.2 mm

    - The distance between the blades - 2.4 mm

    - Pulp Quantity: the 200g~700g dry finishing (rips 25mm×25mm small piece) certainly

    - Gross Weight: 230Kg  

    - External Dimensions: 1240mm×650mm×1180mm

    Bath roll , knives , strap made of stainless steel .  

    Adjustable grinding pressure .

    Reproducibly controlled pressure produced by grinding of the loaded lever.

    Motor ( IP 54 protection )

    External Connection : Voltage: 750W/380V/3/50Hz

    Technical features :

    Body roll has metal wheels ( fitted with brakes ) that are installed for ease of movement on the roll of his workplace . When installing the workplace, sustainable and safe housing is on the supporting pillars by tightening the mounting installation and locknuts ( casters are at a distance from the ground).