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PL12-A High Consistency Laboratory Pulper

The PL12-A high practical knowledge strength pulp kneader is the pulping papermaking laboratory uses in highly concentrated the primary thick liquid or the regeneration thick liquid dissociation. Is the laboratory uses for to process the pulp board, to damage the paper, and the scrap paper main test installation, is appraises the regeneration thick liquid process, the chemical additive and the qu
  • The PL12-A high practical knowledge strength pulp kneader is the pulping papermaking laboratory uses in highly concentrated the primary thick liquid or the regeneration thick liquid dissociation. Is the laboratory uses for to process the pulp board, to damage the paper, and the scrap paper main test installation, is appraises the regeneration thick liquid process, the chemical additive and the quality effective tool, studies one of paper chemistry assistant test installations. This machine characteristic, the manual velocity modulation, the digital demonstration rotational speed is the torque is big. 

    Principle of work: The electrical machinery drives in the material tube's turntable, leaf blade revolving through the belt transmission, causes installs when the material tube's thick liquid, the water the mechanical effect and revolving inside and outside link speed difference, causes the stock to receive rubs and the tearing function mutually achieves the paper pulp size reduction the goal, and increased the fluent friction force greatly under the turbulence wedge board's function. 

    Unique feature: The manual velocity modulation, the power shifting, the rotor torque is big, simplicity of operator, digit realistic rotor speed, completely automatic time, temperature control, digital demonstration parameters and so on pulp temperature and heating-up time. Simultaneously uses the newest seal technology, has solved the rotor leakage problem, its performance has surpassed the overseas similar products.
     Capacity: 2-12 liter
     Minimum Capacity:2L 
     Governor deflection: 0-600n/m (high luminance numerical code demonstration rotational speed) 
     Ppower source: 2.35kw/380V 
     Pulping ability: 600 grams certainly dry finishings 
     Clears out the density: 5%-20% (decide based on pulp variety) 
     Thermal rating: 800W (optional configuratio)
     Primary materials: Stainless steel (0Cr18Ni9) 
     External dimensions: 700mm*500mm*1200mm 
     Weight: 85Kg