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PL13-00 Floatation De-ink Cell

A Cell for evaluating the processes required to de-ink reycled paper. Designed for small batch production, the laboratory de-inking cell is expressly designed for evaluating the procedures, chemicals and processes required in the processing of recycled paper. The Flotation De-Inking Cell provides ink removal efficiencies similar to commercial scale units through precise control of injection flow a
  • For de-inking recycled paper. Designed for mall batch production.

    A Cell for evaluating the processes required to de-ink reycled paper. Designed for small batch production, the laboratory de-inking cell is expressly designed for evaluating the procedures, chemicals and processes required in the processing of recycled paper. The Flotation De-Inking Cell provides ink removal efficiencies similar to commercial scale units through precise control of injection flow and pressure.

    PL13-00 flotation process de-inking machine is uses in pulping the papermaking laboratory to make the flotation process de-inking and the appraisal recycled paper de-inking condition experiment's equipment, studies one of paper pulp de-inking craft equipment, mainly by the cell, the circulation pipeline, the size circulating pump, the air bubble has the installment, the bleeder tube and so on.  

    Principle: The mineral separation process de-inking is uses the mine mineral separation process dressing the principle, according to composition and so on textile fiber, padding and printing ink wettabilities is different, causes 10~150 μm printing ink granule adsorption with the flotation machine on the air bubble, floats on the thick liquid surface, except that the textile fiber and the padding still kept in the size.  

    Main parameter:

    Bbiggest air pressure: 95Psi

    Trough body volume: 28 liters

    Row of froth bore of pipe: φ76mm

    General processing pulp quantity: 280g certainly