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PL15-A Screening of pulp (Somerville-type equipment)

From top down, the screening device consists of a rectangular screen box, a screen plate, a diaphragm chamber with a weir box attached and a stand. The diaphragm chamber is attached to the stand. Before each run, the screen plate is secured be- tween the diaphragm chamber and the screen box by locking clamps. Gaskets above and below the screen plate make the assembly watertight. The screen plate i
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    From top down, the screening device consists of a rectangular screen box, a screen plate, a diaphragm chamber with a weir box attached and a stand. The diaphragm chamber is attached to the stand. Before each run, the screen plate is secured be- tween the diaphragm chamber and the screen box by locking clamps. Gaskets above and below the screen plate make the assembly watertight. The screen plate is made of 316 stain- less steel. There are 756 slits in the screen plate arranged in 6 columns of 126 slits each. slit pitch within a column is 2 mm. The entire slit pattern on the screen plate measures 250 × 300 mm. The slits are 45 ± 0.5 mm long by 0.15 + 0.005 / -0.01 mm wide (the slits near the nozzle are shorter) . A spray nozzle with 12 equally spaced horizontal holes is mounted at the centre of the screen plate. The holes are equal in size and are positioned 2 mm (measured from centre of hole) above the screen plate surface. The spray nozzle is calibrated for a flow of 8.6 ± 0.2 litre / minute at a water supply of 124 ± 5 kPa. A rubber diaphragm in the diaphragm chamber is connected to an eccentric mecha- nism which in turn is driven by a motor. The eccentric runs at 700 ± 10 rpm and creates a vertical movement of 3.2 ± 0.1 mm maximum movement for the diaphragm. At the flow rate of 8.6 litres/m inute, the height of the weir in the weir box maintains the water level inside the screen box at 102 ± 2 mm above the screen plate surface.


    standard slot plates

    -756 slots in 6 rows

    -slot-width 0.15 mm

    -slot-length 45mm

    optionally available: slot plates with 0.08 an 0.1 mm

    Calibrated ring-jet (8.6 l/m in at 123.8 kPa)

    All parts in contact with water are made of non-corrosive materials

    Vertical movement of membrane: 3.2 mm

    Motor: safety class 1P 55 (690 to 700 rpm)

    Control cabinet for wall mounting

    spraying nozzle and hose for cleaning included

    Ready for use delivery (plug & operate)

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