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PL15 Lab pulp screen

PL15 Lab Pulp Screen is the pulping papermaking laboratory uses the pulp screen, reduces in the paper pulp suspending liquid in the papermaking experiment not to conform to the technological requirement impurity quantity, obtains the pure good thick liquid. This machine is the size for 270×320 the plate-type vibration pulp screen, may choose and match the different specification slit the lamina cr

    The PL15 frequency modulation mode of vibrations pulp screen is uses the velocity modulation speed reducer to lead the cam through the carrying axle, high and low vibrates the ledger wall, thus causes the pulp to have the high frequency vibration, the qualified pulp through sieves the seam, the unqualified textile fiber and the dregs material keep on the lamina cribrosa.

    The volume is small, vibrational frequency adjustable, the lamina cribrosa disassemblage is simple, the ease of operation, may act according to the pulp choice different frequency, achieves the desired effect, provides the most reliable empirical datum for the production.

    1.Screening area:54200mm2

    2.Screen box sizes:311mm*292mm

    3.Factory sieve-plate slot specifications:0.25mm

    4.Vibration frequency:400-3000 times per minute

    5.Pulp cylinder size(Long×width×high):320mm*270mm*300mm

    6.Electric moto power:750W

    7.Outer dimentsions:1100mm(long)*360mm(width)*880mm(high)

    8.Source: continuous water