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PL26-1 Canadian Standard method Freeness Tester

The values obtained in the Freeness Tester CSF-20 Canadian method (oCSF or ml) are the measure to which a pulp suspension performs dewatering
  • Beating pulp fiber provides effects such as fibrillation, generation of fines, reduction of fiber in length and volume, etc. depending on the beating method and time. As a result, various physical characteristics of the paper are affected in addition to the fluidity and drainage performance on wire cloth. Beating has a significant role in the paper manufacturing process, and the resulting drainage performance needs to be evaluated. Some of commonly used evaluation methods involve use of a Canadian standard tester and Schopper-Riegler freeness tester. In those methods, a certain amount of suspension liquid is filtered through a screen plate or wire cloth, and the white water is sampled from the funnel side tube, whose amount is measured and used to determine the beatability. This tester uses a screen plate for filtering suspension liquid and is provided with a cock to be operated to start drainage. Thus, it eliminates differences in the result when different operators are involved, yielding high accuracy.

    Measures the rate of drainage of a diluted pulp suspension. The drainage rate is related to the surface conditions and swelling of the fibers. It is widely used to track the changes in the drainage rate of various chemical pulps during beating and refining.

    The apparatus provides a suitable for grinding wood pulp production control test values; also can be widely used in various chemical pulp in pulping and refining process of water changes; it reflects the fiber surface condition and swelling condition.

    Canadian freeness standard is defined in terms of the conditions, use the Canadian freeness tester determination of 1000mL content of ( 0.3 + 0.0005) %, temperature of 20 degrees C slurry water suspension of water properties, with the apparatus side pipe outflow water volume ( mL ) represents a CFS value. The apparatus is made of stainless steel. Long service life.

    Degree of ionization detector includes a water chamber and a proportional shunt measurement funnels, mounted on a fixed bracket. Water filtering chamber is made of stainless steel production, the bottom of the cylinder is a porous stainless steel plate and a gas-tight seal bottom cover, connected by a hinge at one side of the flexible, closely on the other side, the top cover is sealed, opening the bottom cover, the pulp flow.

    Cylindrical and conical funnel filter water respectively by the bracket two mechanical processing has openings of the bracket flange support.

    Type PL26 standard freeness tester all materials all adopt 304 stainless steel manufacturing, in strict accordance with the TAPPI T227 filter

    Scope of application: pulp, composite fiber

    Executive standard: TAPPI T227

    Standard: ISO 5267 / 2, AS / NZ 1301, 206s 6035, BS Part 2, CPPA C1, and SCAN C21; QB / T1669 1992

    Standard size: 300 mm long x 1120 mm high x wide and 400 mm

    Measuring range: 0 ~ 1000CSF

    Weight: 57.2 kg

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