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PL6-D Intelligent Automatic Handsheet Former

For use in the pulp and paper manufacturing. Semi-automatic sheet former for the production of laboratory handsheets. Complete including a large 200mm diameter sheet mold, pressing and dryers. Additional dryers and white water return options available. With 2 dryer, a user can produce 24 handhsheets per hour.
  • For use in the pulp and paper manufacturing. Semi-automatic sheet former for the production of laboratory handsheets. Complete including a large 200mm diameter sheet mold, pressing and dryers. Additional dryers and white water return options available. With 2 dryer, a user can produce 24 handhsheets per hour.

    This automatic sheet former is used to generate laboratory hand sheets, using the Rapid-Kothen method for measuring the physical and/or optical properties of pulp sheets. Owing to its robustness, precision, reliability and high degree of repeatability, the equipment is ideal for both production control and R&D.

    The unit has a multi-function water circuit for the stock container. This is capable of passing both dilution and white water and operating with either an open or closed loop. The closed loop is an option that can save white water and the costly additives it contains as well as reduce the overall volume of waste water.

    The two standard dryers are controlled by adjustable timers, which enable a production of up to 24 sheets per hour. The unit is equipped with closed loop hot and cold water circuits for dryers that reduce the water consumption.

    Machine meets : ISO 5269/2 & ISO 5269/3, 5269/2, NBR 14380/99, TAPPI T- 205, DIN 54358, ZM V / 8/76

    Main parameters:
    1. forming pattern: a diameter not greater than 200mm;  the maximum thickness of 10mm
    2. the material cylinder volume: 10 liters
    3. drying temperature:≤105℃
    4. drying time (quantitative 30-80g/m2): 3-6 minutes
    5. electric heating dryer: 1.5KW×3/220V
    6.PID temperature control
    7.Temperature sensor: PT100
    8. vacuum pump: 1.5KW/220V; vacuum degree: 0.092-0.098MPa
    9. white water pump: 370W; maximum suction process: 8m; maximum head: 20m
    10. Dimensions: 1880mm×780mm×1400mm
    11. Total power:7.2KW