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Φ200 Handsheet Former

he PL6-2 water cycle copies the piece is the papermaking laboratory uses in the paper pulp making φ200 the sample sheet paper page formation equipment. This aircraft copies the piece speed to be quick, quality stable direct-viewing reliable, has the volume to be small, the disassemblage and the operation migration are convenient; The clear water circulation, sails upstream electrically operated,
  •  The PL6-2 water cycle copies the piece is the papermaking laboratory uses in the paper pulp making φ200 the sample sheet paper page formation equipment. This aircraft copies the piece speed to be quick, quality stable direct-viewing reliable, has the volume to be small, the disassemblage and the operation migration are convenient; The clear water circulation, sails upstream electrically operated, the aerodynamic force air bubble refining and the manual refining dual purpose, the heavy-caliber motorized valve turns on the water automatically, but the external connection vacuum take-off, immortal just the cabinet body, electrically operated turned on the water, sails upstream electrically operated the function. Simultaneously its technical specification conforms to QB/T3703-1999 (thick liquid laboratory paper page preparation convention paper page formation law) request.

    This product uses the special seal and the clamp, avoided making paper the fragments which in the process easy to produce, to leak the thick liquid and so on common breakdown.


    1. Tube diameter: 200mm

    2. Tube capacity: 8 liters

    3. Equipment Power: 370W

    4. External Dimensions: 940mm×600mm×1400mm