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PL6-300 Handsheet Former

PL6-300 Handsheet Former is special equipment for papermaking laboratory to make pulp into φ300 sample sheet,is to vacuum, heat and dry less than φ200 paper sample that come from pulp.
  • PL6-300 Handsheet Former is special equipment for papermaking laboratory to make pulp into φ300 sample sheet,is to vacuum, heat and dry less than φ200 paper sample that come from pulp.

    Function:water circulation,Electric sizing,Compressed gas bubble homogenate,Manual homogenate,blow-off valve,take out vacuum pump,Spray washing device,Stainless steel table.


    1.Barrel Diameters of Handsheet Former:300mm

    2.Vacuum Pump Vacuity:-0. 092~-0. 098Mpa


    4.Outer Dimentsions:1800mm*770mm*1340mm