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Tappi standard Sheet Frrmer

Semi-auto sheet former ,for manually manufacturing sheets. It is a traditional system to place on a countertop through manual agitation. The filling is carried out through the water pressure network through its inlet and the emptying by gravity. 159 mm diameter sheets are obtained. The equipment is made of stainless steel. Possibility of manufacturing a model to make square sheets.
  • Tappi  standard sheet former  features :
    for manually manufacturing sheets. It is a traditional system to place on a countertop through manual agitation. The filling is carried out through the water pressure network through its inlet and the emptying by gravity. 159 mm diameter sheets are obtained. The equipment is made of stainless steel. Possibility of manufacturing a model to make square sheets. For this sheet forming system, a sheet press and a quick dryer are necessary. The equipment comes with a set of discs for pressing and a set of rings for air drying.Tappi standard sheet former is suitable for the determination of Drainage time of pulp,forming handsheets for reflectance testing of pulp(sheet machine procedure). 

     Manufactured in stainless steel. Diameter of the leaves of 160 mm. For placement on a countertop. Simple and precise in the manufacture of the sheets. Includes agitator and roller. Drying discs, drying rings and blotting paper.

    Purpose and Technical Indicators

    It is necessary to make specimens in different conditions, to study how the paper characteristics are influenced by various elements including pulp material, pulping conditions, conditioning of raw materials such as beating method, filler and sizing agent. Paper making with this machine is standardized by  ISO for preparing a small amount of sheets easily and rapidly. This machine is also used for measuring the drainage time according to the TAPPI standard.

    Paper of sheet makintg is necessary to test the physical properties of the pulp preparation. Passed by handshcetformer, make the a certain concentration pulp under the action of negative pressure become sheet on strainer.and get paper after crushing and drying. After that,test the paper under constant temperature and constant pressure.Then make evaluation to this paper.We can add various type of Chemical additives in pulp. The test results of paper can evaluate the effect of Chemical additives.

    PL6 –T handsheet former is based on ISO 5269/1-TAPPI,T205-SCAN,C26-PAPTAC C4.T221cm-99 ,T272sp-97. It apply to papermaking and wet fiber forming experiment. The raw material passed by digest,pulping,screening and defibering.can make paper by this handsheet former.This process can let us research the paper’s physical property,the mechanical property, the optical property.it can provide the data for production,test, monitoring and new product development.This handsheet former is a standard equipment.It be used in university and college.

    Paper making size:160mm in diameter
    pulp canister:8L ,Height of canister:400mm  

    Liquid level:350mm

    Wire cloth:120 mesh

    Backing wire:20 mesh

    Height of drain-pipe:800mm

    Drainage time (water):<3.6s


     Gross Weight:130Kg


    Package size:760mm×590mm×1540mm  

    Accessories:agitator, couch roll, couch plate, drainage receiver, cylinder rest

    PL6-T1:Add stainless steel workbench

    PL6-T2:Add Stainless steel cabinet, white water circulation, air agitation, pneumatic pressure, electric water discharge