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PL6 -S Square sheet machine

Like the standard sheet machine, this machine rapidly makes specimen sheets for various property tests and processing aptitude tests. The paper making size is 250 mm square suitable for preparing specimens for diverse tests with less waste. It produces handmade sheets of uniform forming.
  • I. Purpose and Technical Indicators

    Like the standard sheet machine, this machine rapidly makes specimen sheets for various property tests and processing aptitude tests. The paper making size is 250 mm square suitable for preparing specimens for diverse tests with less waste. It produces handmade sheets of uniform forming.

    paper of sheet makintg is necessary to test the physical properties of the pulp preparation. Passed by handshcetformer, make the a certain concentration pulp under the action of negative pressure become sheet on strainer.and get paper after crushing and drying. After that,test the paper under constant temperature and constant pressure.Then make evaluation to this paper.We can add various type of Chemical additives in pulp. The test results of paper can evaluate the effect of Chemical additives.

    PL6 –S handsheet former apply to papermaking and wet fiber forming experiment. The raw material passed by digest,pulping,screening and defibering.can make paper by this handsheet former.This process can let us research the paper’s physical property,the mechanical property, the optical property.it can provide the data for production,test, monitoring and new product development.This handsheet former is a standard equipment.It be used in university and college.

    Paper making size:251mm*251mm(300mm*300mm)

    pulp canister:26L

    Liquid level:350mm

    Wire cloth:150 mesh

    Backing wire:20 mesh


    Gross Weight:165Kg


    package size:700mm×700mm×1400mm

    Accessories:couch roll, couch plate, agitator, drainage receiver