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PL6-A2 handsheet former

PL6-A2type rectangular handsheet former is the experimental device that fibers are made into rectangular thin slice paper that the size is 480mm x 320mm, vacuum formed by large diameter valves rapid release water and adopts PL0 type that is high vacuum degree of three stage centrifugal pump for auxiliary filtration and molding. Using manual and stirring two ways for pulp uniformity before forming.
  • PL6-A2type rectangular handsheet former is the experimental device that fibers are made into rectangular thin slice paper that the size is 480mm x 320mm, vacuum formed by large diameter valves rapid release water and adopts PL0 type that is high vacuum degree of three stage centrifugal pump for auxiliary filtration and molding. Using manual and stirring two ways for pulp uniformity before forming. suit for various Super slice ,ultra thick paper, superfine fiber forming. Subsequent experiments adopt my company production PL8-00 hydraulic press to match for assistant pressing and extrusion moisture. Matching PL7-C flat sheet dryer or PL7-B type quick dryer for drying pattern.

    Technical parameters:

    Sheet size: 610mm x 4400mm forming

    Beater cylinder volume: 100L

    Vacuum pump motor power: 2.2kW voltage 220V

    Pump vacuum degree: -0.092 to 0.098Mpa

    The pumping volume: 80 ~ 120L/min

    Size: 1355mm x 835mm x 1620mm

    Material: 304 stainless steel

    Weight: 416kg.

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