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PFI Pulp Refine(PL11-00type)

The PL11-00 type beater is used in the pulping papermaking experiment and to provide specimen for the determinations of paper pulp beating degree, paper pulp specimen moisture content, paper pulp density, the wet degree of dissociation, and the degree of ionization. It conforms to the experimental standard defined in ISO 5264/2-1979 “Paper Pulp Laboratory Beating-Part I: PFI Mill Method” and is ap
  • Specifications PFI Pulp Refiner:
    Grinding mill site consists of three main parts:

    - Bowls mounted on the basis of
    - Refining disc having a working surface for the blade 33 (rib)
    - Systems weight distribution arm, which provides the necessary pressure grinding.
    Number Specifications Value
    Roll Dimensions :
    Diameter , 200 mm
    Rib height , 30 mm  
    The thickness of the ribs 5 mm 5.0
    Number of Ribs ,
    Dimensions grinding vessel :
    An inner diameter of 250.0 mm
    Inner Diameter (internal height), 52 mm
    Speed Roll, vol. / Min 1440
    Speed bowl , vol. / Min 720
    Total bowl volume occupied by the pulp and water, 450 mL
    The gap between the inner surface of the grinding vessel and grinding drum adjustable in the range from 0.00 mm to 0.20
    Power supply, V , Hz 380/3/50
    The total weight of the lever and provide the primary load pressing force during grinding , wherein the specific value (force per unit length ) corresponds to 1.8 kg / cm. Installing additional weight provides increased specific contact pressure corresponding to 3.4 kg / cm .
    Material of the grinding vessel and stainless steel drum
    Digital Timer
    The load system in the form of a rotary head with a load presence

    • Packing DIM
    • DIM
    • Nt.Wt.
    • Gr.Wt.